Instructional Manual for Optimal Happiness and Friendship.

Pliz no broke them, you'll be better off if you don't.

  1. No broke rulz, seriously. This is important.
    a. No bulli. Make sure to tell your mom and someone else too if you are bullied. It's a sewious issue.
    II. No spechualization. We don't want people to turn it into non-offtopic channelu.
    Trois. No elitism. Don't try to pretend you are better than us little qt princesses cuz that is totes rude.
    ....-. No spoilerus. We like to enjoy our animus and other things unspoil'd so plis don't do that.
  2. No reiping children. Anyone that that's not a qt lil kid we don't really care about, so feel free to rape them instead. We don't believe in age of consent so as long as it's not a reip it's a ok.
    roku. No dying. Plis don't die bcuz it'd be nice to get to farawell properly. Also that'd make your relatives, 3dpd friends and us really sad.
    sept. Pwease kip swore at minimimal, it is rude and disgusting.
  3. Priiis no spammu. Is very #rude and inconsider8 esp. also inkludes maymay spammu
    η. No doxystuff cuz that's bulli. kip that in mind.